Game Of Thrones Ends Its Watch With Plastic Water Bottle In Plain Sight

Game Of Thrones Ends Its Watch With Plastic Water Bottle In Plain Sight

Warning: spoilers ahead!

After eight seasons of watching Game of Thrones, last night’s series finale left many thirsting for resolution. Including some cast members.

The goof occurs about halfway through the episode in a scene where Peter Dinklage’s crafty imp Tyrion Lannister makes a case for the future of Westeros, some eagle-eyed viewers spotted not one but two plastic water bottles. The first was spotted at 46:19 minutes into the episode, behind the foot of one Samwell Tarly.

Photo: HBO/Game of Thrones

The second appeared a few minutes later, between the feet of an equally thirsty Ser Davos Seaworth and Gendry Baratheon. To be fair, this happened after some extremely angry dragon action, so maybe Westeros’s leadership was just trying to stay hydrated.


That’s just one of many times Game of Thrones has time travelled to bring future technologies to Westeros. The first of this season happened in episode four, “The Last of the Starks,” where a craft services coffee cup, first of its name, launched a thousand memes. HBO eventually edited out the coffee cup after a cheeky statement acknowledging the screw-up.

Some might say the last season of Game of Thrones felt a little, how shall we say, rushed—leading more than a million disgruntled fans to sign a petition to have it remade with different writers. The coffee cup and water bottle mixups seemingly add fuel to what was a very divisive season—although our friends over at io9 pointed out that there have been plenty of anachronistic goofs in the show’s history.

We’ve reached out to HBO to see if, like the coffee cup, the two water bottles will be edited out. In the meantime, we can at least hope to get some more memes.