Deals: Get An iPhone XR + 100GB Data On The Cheap

Deals: Get An iPhone XR + 100GB Data On The Cheap
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Attention all Apple fans: Optus has brought back its cheap 100GB iPhone XR plan and we know that some of you Apple fans will be extremely here for it.

The iPhone XR Is Apple's Real Star

When it comes to Apple’s current phone lineup, the iPhone XS and XS Max get most of the attention thanks to features such as dual cameras, more luxurious designs and vivid OLED screens. But the iPhone XR is Apple’s true winner. That’s because, for the second quarter in a row, the iPhone XR remains the best-selling phone Apple makes.

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$79 a month will get you a 64GB iPhone XR with 100GB data on a 24-month contract. You’re not going to get any bonus international calls or roaming, but it does come with the standard unlimited national calls and texts as well as an Optus Sport subscription and data free music streaming through Spotify and Google Play music.

For comparison, similar XR plans floating around at the moment are more expensive (including one of Optus’) and most of them come with half the amount of data, besides the final Telstra example.