Commemorate The Moment Man Met Alien With This 40th Anniversary Lego Sculpture

The alien derelict ship. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

When Alien hit theatres, 40 years ago today, it taught us one important lesson. If you end up on an alien world, stay away from strange eggs.

To commemorate the xenomorphorific (I’m so, so, so sorry) anniversary, creator Iain Health (aka Ochre Jelly) decided to recreate, in Lego form, that moment of first contact. Crouching over a horrible, strange egg in a darkened spaceship, its terrible shell opening up and then—

Ochre Jelly has been generous enough to share some pictures of his build, which is accurate and atmospheric (though, sadly, lacking a face hugger). You can see more of his content on his Instagram page, and make sure to spend some time this weekend honouring one of the best scifi films of all time.

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