Boosted Announces Brand New Way To Break Your Body

Boosted Announces Brand New Way To Break Your Body

The popular electric skateboard company Boosted is now making electric scooters. The company just announced the Boosted Rev, a vehicle with handlebars, a rear fender brake, and even a mechanical disc brake. Those bikes will come in handy, too, because this thing has a top speed of 39km per hour. That’s speedy for a scooter!

Boosted is talking up its braking system which appears to be more advanced than what competitors offer. Bird, the two-year-old electric scooter sharing company, recently announced the Bird One, a scooter you can buy and own for $1,875 but that also only offers a front motor brake and a rear drum brake. The braking system on the Boosted Rev, which the company describes as “confidence-inspiring,” sounds like a step up.

In addition to the mechanical disk brake, there’s an electronic disk brake that works by rolling the throttle wheel backward, much like you would on a Boosted Board. The mechanical brake works with a lever, just like what you find on a bicycle. There’s also handy LED to let you know how fast you’re going and how much charge you have left.

Just like riding a (futuristic) bike! (Photo: Boosted)

While it’s important to be able to stop, most people will probably want the Boosted Rev because it goes fast. Its dual-wheel drive has enough power to climb a 25-per cent grade hill and enough battery life to go 35km on a single charge. That’s less than the 48km that the Bird One promises, and the foldable Rev is also heavier than its competitor at 21kg compared to the Bird One’s 18kg. Then again, Boosted does have a lot more experience building electric vehicles, so it’s worth wondering if the Rev will be a more reliable form of transportation.

The Boosted Rev joins the company’s lineup of electric skateboards, including the Boosted Plus and the Boosted Mini series. It’s the same price as the high-end Boosted Stealth which hits a top speed of 39km per hour and also costs $2,308.

An electric scooter feels like a whole different sort of experience, especially since riders will have the familiar feel of handlebars and a mechanical brake. And safety is super important, since so many people have been getting hurt riding electric scooters that go faster than they probably realise!

Carrying nearly 23kg of electric scooter with one hand seems like a Herculean task. (Photo: Boosted)

The new Boosted electric scooter will start shipping in the U.S later in the year. If you’re thinking about getting one or riding one or even looking at one, please wear a helmet.