Because You Can Never Have Too Many Gorgeous Star Wars Posters

Because You Can Never Have Too Many Gorgeous Star Wars Posters

Honestly, gorgeous Star Wars art is a dime a dozen. It’s everywhere, from the new posters by John Guydo certainly fit that bill.

Bottleneck Gallery and Acme Archives have collaborated on this stunning new series of Star Wars posters by Guydo, which are being released to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4. They’re available in both timed edition regular versions and more limited edition variants. All are 18 x 91cm each. Here are the regulars, whose edition size will be determined by how many are ordered.

A New Hope regular
The Empire Strikes Back regular
Return of the Jedi regular

Those cost $64 each or $177 per set. Here are the variants, which are limited to an edition of 200 and cost $78 each or $220 per set.

A New Hope variant
Empire Strikes Back variant
Return of the Jedi variant

What distinguishes these posters from other recent Star Wars art is how it presents very familiar images in all new ways. The compositions, the way posters mirrors the others—they’re just flat-out aesthetically pleasing. Plus, Guydo’s line work is so good, the characters almost look like photos. But they’re not. They’re drawn.

All these posters go on sale May 3 at