Australia’s First 5G Device Is Casually Available Now

Australia’s First 5G Device Is Casually Available Now
Image: Telstra

Telstra just launched Australia’s first 5G mobile device: the HTC 5G hub.

It’s the worlds first 5G hotspot and can be used both plugged in or unplugged on the go. Oh and you can order it right now.

Samsung's 5G Galaxy S10 Finally Hits Australia Next Week

After months of waiting, Samsung has today announced that the 5G variant of its flagship Galaxy S10 will be arriving locally on May 28. This will make it the first 5G mobile phone to be available in Australia.

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While pre-orders kick off today, the devices won’t be available until May 28. Three plans will be on offer from Telstra:

  • Small: 25GB data for $70 a month
  • Medium: 60GB data for $94 a month
  • Large: 100GB data for $104 a month

All of these plans are on 24-month contracts.

Of course, only a handful of Aussie suburbs actually have access to Telstra’s 5G network right now, but the hub is also 4GX compatible if you’re looking to get in early.

When it comes to specs you’re getting a Snapdragon 855 processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage and a 7,660mAH battery with 24-hours active life and 800 hours on standby.

In addition to wired connection it can support up to twenty wireless devices simultaneously and has a USB-C port for external displays.

The hub’s 5-inch 720 touch screen can also be used for games and app. You can even stream Netflix on it.

It’s early days in Australia’s 5G journey, so its not entirely surprising to not see massive data allowances here. But this still could be a good alternative for households that don’t blow through a huge amount of data each month – especially if they’re still waiting on NBN connectivity.

You can order HTC’s 5G Hub from today and find out more information over on Telstra’s website.