Alert Alert Alert Terrace House Returns This Month

Alert Alert Alert Terrace House Returns This Month
Image: Jezebel

For anyone else who is high-key obsessed with Japanese reality TV show, Terrace House, we have some good news for you.

The fourth season of the show (well, since it started on Netflix anyway) will return to Netflix Japan on May 14. The announcement was made on Twitter over the weekend.

Titled Terrace House: Tokyo, the show returns to the city after spending the last two seasons in Hawaii and Karuizawa, respectively.

The show follows six strangers who live together in a gorgeous house over the course of a year. It’s unscripted and those living there go about their daily lives as per normal.

Old members cycle out and new ones cycle in over the course of the season, generally when they have fulfilled the goals they set out to achieve in the house (often romance or career-based) or when too much drama ensues.

A panel of comedians and Japanese personalities are also involved in the show – offering commentary on what’s going on in the house as they watch it all unfold.

Oh and the cast are also able to watch the episodes when they air because sure why not.

If it sounds kinda weird to you, it is…. and yet it works. It’s addictive and extremely wholesome (mostly). If you haven’t watched any of the previous seasons, I encourage you to run home to Netflix right now.

After speaking to Netflix Australia, we are sad to report that there is no word on when the new season will premiere here as yet. But we have all our appendages crossed for a swift return!

Here’s the opening credits from season 1 for absolutely no reason.