8 More Game Of Thrones Goofs That Show Maybe We Shouldn’t Take The Coffee Cup So Damn Seriously

8 More Game Of Thrones Goofs That Show Maybe We Shouldn’t Take The Coffee Cup So Damn Seriously

Game of Thrones enraged the world when it had the audacity to forget a coffee cup was in one of the shots—so much so, it’s already been digitally removed. But this isn’t the first time that a mistake like this has happened.

Whether it’s a forgotten laptop cord, a hopeful king mispronouncing the name of a region, or the fact that one goof was so bad it could’ve killed Daenerys Targaryen, mistakes happen. Let’s relax, drink some decaf, and take a journey through the long history of Game of Thrones goofs.

Stannis still working on his undergrad thesis.

Stannis’ Laptop Cord (“Mother’s Mercy,” Season 5)

Daenerys isn’t the only one with modern conveniences—for example, there’s a scene with Margaery talking to soldiers’ orphans where you can barely make out a cell phone alert). In a behind-the-scenes photo from Stannis Baratheon’s death (as seen at the top of the article), you can spot a visible laptop power cord with a transformer next to his right leg. The show did its best to hide the transformer in the scene itself, but you can still spot the cord peeking out from underneath his injured leg. Maybe that’s how he and Melisandre created the vagina smoke monster that killed his brother, Renly. Some sweet Photoshop skills.

Denim Makes a Cameo (“Winter Is Coming,” Season 1)

For the most part, I avoided the goofs and continuity errors that have been spotted in the series premiere, “Winter Is Coming,” because much of the pilot was re-shot—including moments from scene-to-scene. Also, come on, it was the very first episode. Mistakes are basically guaranteed. However, I do want to give a special shout-out to this goof, recently pointed out on Twitter, where a guy in some apple bottom jeans and what could be a Patagonia jacket just saunters through the grounds of Winterfell. Could be they were short an extra that day and they grabbed a member of the crew, or an early version of Westeros included Levis.

Jon forgot he’d swapped his sword for a giant gummy worm.

Jon Snow’s Rubber Sword (“Battle of the Bastards,” Season 6)

Jon Snow isn’t exactly known for making rational decisions. So, when Ramsay Bolton decided to start the titular Battle of the Bastards by making Rickon Stark his latest hunting victim, Jon chose to race toward his brother…instead of recognising that that was exactly Ramsay wanted. He threw himself into battle so quickly, he forgot to check whether he was carrying his actual sword, Longclaw, instead of the rubber one he uses for practice and kinky sex play.

“Moat Katelyn” (“The Ghost of Harrenhal,” Season 2)

Maybe this should’ve been a sign that Renly Baratheon wasn’t meant to rule the Seven Kingdoms. When chatting with Catelyn Stark about forging an alliance with her son, you can clearly him promising her that Robb Stark will have all the lands south of “Moat Katelyn” (it’s Moat Cailin). It may be a harmless goof, or a trick of the tongue, but I like to think that it was the show telling us that Renly—who had served on the small council, and therefore should’ve known how to pronounce shit—was actually a dumbass who was destined to lose his short-lived battle for the Iron Throne. After all…Renly was murdered in the very same scene.

I’ve heard of fast healers, but not this.

Jon Snow’s Scar Moved (“Beyond the Wall,” Season 7)

Jon Snow got a bum deal when he was stabbed several times by his brothers of the Night’s Watch at the end of season five, but he got another one when he swore fealty to Daenerys in the season seven episode “Beyond the Wall.” His crescent-shaped scar, the most notable one from his injuries, seemingly shifted across his chest by at least half an inch, as it’s further away from the breastbone than where it started. A small mistake, but one that shows Jon’s resurrection may have done more than brought him back from the dead. It turned him into Mr. Fantastic. Streeeeeeeetch.

Tyrion’s Napkin (“The Prince of Winterfell,” Season 2)

There are plenty of examples of character goofs involving moving props—like how this poor extra couldn’t sheath his sword properly after Ser Barristan Selmy quit the Kingsguard. But the funniest one has to be from the season two episode “The Prince of Winterfell.” As Cersei and Tyrion chat about whether they should send Joffrey to the battlefield, Tyrion spends the first 30 seconds of the scene (as shown in the clip above) finding new and magical ways to play with his napkin. It’s tucked into his armour, it’s in his lap, it’s back in his hand, tucked backed into his armour, then on the table. The napkin takes a journey, one that is still in need of closure.

I whip my dagger back and forth…

Nymeria’s Dagger (“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,” Season 5)

I’m a big fan of continuity goofs, and there are plenty of them in Game of Thrones. For example, during Ser Barristan Selmy’s death scene, a few of the dead bodies seemed to vanish between shots. And let’s not forget when Tormund and Orell vanished from the Wall so Jon and Ygritte could make out in peace. But, as usual, the Sand Snakes take the cake for the dumbest mistake.

During their failed attempt to capture Myrcella, you can see Nymeria’s right hand instantly change from holding her whip to wielding her dagger, which was previously in her left hand. There was no indication that she’s dropped the whip and switched weapons, nor was there any time for her to do so. Normally, I would excuse this, except for the fact that threatening Myrcella with the dagger was how Nymeria Sand got her to cooperate. If you’re going to use your prop in your plot, you’ve got to make sure you set it up. Otherwise, it’s magic dagger.

Take me by the hand. No, the other hand. Oops.

Jorah Gave Dany Greyscale (“The Dance of Dragons,” Season 5)

Just when you thought our chance had passed, I went and saved the best for last. I chose not to include all the time when characters’ hands or other body parts changed places between shots—it’s a lot to ask actors to remember exactly how they placed their body every single time, especially when they’re trying to stay in the moment. This scene, where Jorah takes Daenerys by the hand to protect her against the Sons of the Harpy, isn’t here because it’s a goof. It’s here because it’s a goof that could have killed Daenerys.

After the Sons of the Harpy attack, Daenerys chooses to go with Jorah so he can protect her. He offers his right hand and he accepts it—but then the very next shot (which you can watch here, at 3:46) shows him holding her left hand and reaching around her body with his right arm. If you’ll remember, just four episodes prior in “Kill the Boy,” Jorah was attacked by the Stone Men of the Valyrian ruins and contracted greyscale—on his left wrist. Greyscale is highly contagious and spreads fast. That doesn’t mean it was at the stage where Dany could catch it, but you’d think the man who was willing to die for her wouldn’t put her at risk of getting infected too.

In short: Goofs happen all the time on Game of Thrones, and one of them could have even killed the protagonist. So let’s just let this coffee cup thing go.