Woman Arrested At Mar-a-Lago With 1 Laptop, 2 Chinese Passports, 4 Phones, And A USB Drive Loaded With Malware

Woman Arrested At Mar-a-Lago With 1 Laptop, 2 Chinese Passports, 4 Phones, And A USB Drive Loaded With Malware

In another example of the increasingly strange stories coming out of Mar-a-Lago, a Chinese woman was arrested at President Trump’s flagship Florida resort after she was discovered to be carrying a laptop, two Chinese passports, four phones, and a USB thumb drive loaded with what officials describe as “malicious malware”.

First reported by WPTV, the woman in question has been identified as Yujing Zhang, who investigators say initially claimed she was visiting the resort to use the pool. At first, Zhang was given access to the property after a perceived language barrier made communication difficult, and Mar-a-Lago staff assumed she was related to another resort member with the same surname.

However, upon further questioning, Zhang was found to not be on the approved list of guests, and later revealed she came to Mar-a-Lago to attend a United Nations Chinese American Association event later that day, despite no such event actually being on the schedule.

According to the Miami Herald, it seems Zhang intended to participate in one of two events originally scheduled for March 30th: a “Safari Night” hosted to benefit a local charity, and an “International Leaders Elite Forum”. designed to connect Chinese entrepreneurs with influential U.S. businessmen.

Both events were said to have been promoted by Cindy Yang. Yang recently gained notoriety as the owner of multiple South Florida massage parlors who has allegedly been using her relationship with Trump to sell access to the President and other high-ranking officials.

The events were canceled after Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged with soliciting prostitution at one of her former establishments.

Zhang maintains she was instructed to attend the events by a friend that she only identified by the first name “Charles.” According to the Miami Herald, a man named Charles Lee is a known associate of Yang who promoted Yang’s events on Chinese social media and some suspect he’s the person in question.

During the weekend of March 30th, President Trump was staying at Mar-a-Lago, but at the time of Zhang’s arrival, the Miami Herald claims the President was at another one of his resorts playing golf.

After being interviewed further by the Secret Service, Zhang was charged with two federal crimes: making false statements to federal law enforcement, and unlawfully entering a restricted area. If found guilty, the charges carry a combined maximum penalty of up to six years in prison and a fine of $494,280.

While this might be the most bizarre story to come out of Mar-a-Lago, based on everything we’ve seen so far, it probably won’t be the last. Zhang is set to appear at a detention hearing on April 8th.