Why It’s Actually Worth Getting An 8K TV In 2019

Why It’s Actually Worth Getting An 8K TV In 2019

As a culture, we’re always pretty preoccupied with what comes next. Whether it’s angling for a better job, a new partner or the latest smartphone, we’re always anticipating. And when it comes to your TV, looking ahead is both a fun move and a smart one.

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The introduction of 8K has the television-buying world abuzz. And it’s impressive to see; the detail is overwhelmingly strong. The resolution increase makes it possible to achieve a vibrancy that’ll have you struggling to differentiate TV and the real world.

There’s been a number of arguments against 8K TVs (from lack of content to the concern that Australia’s Internet speeds may crumble under the pressure) but ultimately there’s reason enough to purchase regardless.

So why is it worth putting up the cash for it? Simply put, the issue at hand is less about what IS, currently – It’s more of a question of what’s been, and what’s to come.

Given that there’s very little content even for 4K televisions at the moment, it’s understandable to have a degree of hesitation. We’ve only really recently seen an increase in the development of 4K content to land in cinemas and on streaming platforms, so if we’re being realistic then it’ll be years before we have a reasonable amount of 8K content. But that doesn’t mean you can’t thoroughly enjoy it in the meantime.

Put it this way: if you’ve got a video game console, nostalgia may have already spread its warm, long-reaching arms to entice you with backwards compatibility. So in essence, why not do the same for your old movies or television shows by watching them on a screen that befits them?

Yes, content designed for 8K is going to be the best option, but existing content is still going to look really damn good. Televisions like Samsung’s 82-inch QLED 8K, for example, will come equipped with an 8K Quantum Processor that will upscale your older content to help make it look fresher.

Why It’s Actually Worth Getting An 8K TV In 2019Image credit: @samsungtv

If you’re unfamiliar with upscaling, it’s a process that involves AI machine learning to enhance your content for a higher resolution screen, whether across streaming services, HDMI or USB.

Although the picture quality of upscaled content will naturally vary depending on the source content, it is designed to improve the quality of the content by rendering it to 8K resolution, whilst reducing the stretched or grainy look on the higher quality television.

This is designed to achieve denser contrast, sharpened outlines (to minimise line noise), restored textures and a reduction in visual static.

If given the choice between watching the original Star Wars films on the TVs that existed upon its premiere versus a huge 82-inch 8K TV, I defy you to choose the former.

Then comes the reminder that while we may not have much new content designed for it right now, it will come. And when it does, you’ll be prepared. The Tokyo Olympics, for example, will be shot in 8K – meaning we’ll only really have to wait until 2020 to see the beginnings.

In an industry where new tech arises year-on-year, the future-looking 8K models are not only refreshing, but relieving.

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This is a television that will take up a massive expanse of space; that will transport you to wherever you’re watching due to its clarity. Taking into account the contemporary need for greater size, clarity and pixel density, on a base level there’s very little working against it.

Upscaling and future-proofing are capabilities that you should always be seeking when you’re considering investing in tech with this kind of price tag. Given that the first 8K televisions are already dropping in Australia, it’s something to consider.

You can have it in a smaller room, the impact is bigger, it makes your old dodgy content look pristine and really, when it comes to television what we have historically striven for is greater size, clarity and pixel density.

And to that end, 8K television achieves it. Check them out for yourself HERE.