These Avengers Came Armed With Gauntlets Of Fashion At The Endgame Premiere

Thanos doesn’t stand a chance. (Photo: AP Images)

Thanos’ famous “snap” may have damaged the Infinity Gauntlet at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but these powerhouse women — otherwise known as Brie Larson and Scarlett Johansson — have restored the Infinity Stones using the almighty power of fashion.

The Avengers: Endgame Los Angeles premiere was filled with dazed fans, eager audiences, and enough “Just you wait, Henry Higgins” Twitter reviews to fill an entire (spoiler-free) article.

But the stars of the red carpet were Johansson and Larson, who came dressed to kill — literally — with their own Infinity Gauntlet-inspired hand jewellery. Larson even came decked out in purple, so you know she’s channeling some sweet Thanos couture right now.

I imagine the designers for each of these actresses coordinated beforehand, but I also love the idea that neither of them knew the other was wearing an Infinity Gauntlet before coming to the premiere. “Oh my god, you killed Thanos? So did I! Twinsies!”

I mean, can’t imagine a deadlier duo than Captain Marvel and Black Widow. Well, you could pair Captain Marvel with just about anyone and they’d become the deadliest duo. Fine. Just Captain Marvel then.

Avengers: Endgame arrives in theatres today. Be on the lookout for our review soon. Captain Marvel is still playing in theatres.

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