The Man Behind Game Of Thrones’ Languages Taught Us To Say ‘Release The Snyder Cut’ In High Valyrian

Video: We all know that one of Game of Thrones’ favourite phrases is “fuck off”, but we haven’t heard it uttered in High Valyrian, the elegant and beautiful language of Old Valyria. Until now. We invited Game of Thrones language inventor David J. Peterson to translate and explain some popular nerd culture phrases for us.

Be sure to watch the video above to hear Peterson — who is also working on languages for the upcoming Dune project — translate iconic phrases such as “May the Force be with you”, “Live long and prosper”, and “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, as well as explain how the hell he figured out how to say “I’d stan it”.

We’ve also provided the translations below, in case you want to tweet out the Valyrian version of “To infinity and beyond!” the next time Jon Snow tries to ride a dragon. And yes, we even convinced him to teach us “Release the Snyder Cut”. You’re welcome, internet.

You can check out more of our interview with Peterson here, and if you want to learn more, Duolingo has expanded its language course for High Valyrian, with the help of Peterson.

May the Force be with you: “Aōma kostios sagon.”

Live long and prosper: “Bōsī se sȳrī glaesās.”

Welcome to Jurassic Park: “Jurāsiko Gevurliot jiōrna.”

To infinity and beyond!: “Va mōriot se tolī!”

I’ll be back: “Āmāzīnna.”

Fuck off: “Hobroti jās.”

I’d stan it: “Ziry pāsābon.”

Release the Snyder Cut: “Snāedro verdliti īlot tepās.”

We come from the future: “Hen māzīlariot māzī.”