The Internet Reacts To Captain GetUp, Because This Is What AusPol Has Come To

Don't stare directly into its eyes, lest it curses you.

Yesterday the hero that nobody asked for washed up on the shores of Manly.

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This horrifying spectre of doom was Captain GetUp! - a 'mock superhero' that was conceived in the bowels of Advance Australia HQ to rip the shit out of left-wing lobby group GetUp!

According to The Australian he was unleashed upon the world to "tell the truth about GetUp’s agenda". Apparently Advance Australia didn't consider that erecting a giant mascot might actually seem like an endorsement.

Of course, the internet was quick to jump in to offer completely serious and academic discussions around the birth of Captain GetUp!

One could argue that the official Captain GetUp! account deserves its own place on this list for how god damn cheesy this whole thing is.

He even claims to be the son of Bill Shorten because okay?

The Captain GetFucked stunt has cost half a million dollars. Super stoked we're in surplus, though.

Thanks, I hate it.

But now, onto the social sledging this garbage drive for votes in Tony's electorate deserves.

For the love that is good and wholesome in this world, call the damn election before more of these unholy creatures are spawned.

[The Australian]

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