Online Shopping Takes A Sinister Turn In Eerie Short Recommended For You

You’d make this face too, if your shopping app seemed to be predicting the future. (Image: YouTube)

When Recommended for You begins, the weirdly accurate suggestions offered up by our protagonist’s Amazon-ish shopping app are helpful, preparing him for sudden power outages and his pregnant wife’s snack cravings. But then the app, which clearly has some kind of window into the future, starts pulling up some not-so-happy things for him to purchase. And things get dark.

Check out the short, which is carved from the Black Mirror-Twilight Zone horror model of “smart tech that’s maybe too smart, actually,” and conveys a startling range of moods without using any dialogue.

Recommended for You is directed by Drew Garcia, written by Anthony Machado (from his own short story), and stars Aaron Galaviz and Carnessa Hunt.

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