New Book Alleges Trump Had A ‘Supercharged’ Golf Cart To Help Him Cheat At Golf

New Book Alleges Trump Had A ‘Supercharged’ Golf Cart To Help Him Cheat At Golf

I realise that even writing about this is going to open me up to a week of emails demanding I keep any mention politics far, far away from any words about cars or vehicles in general, but this is a little too funny to ignore. There’s a new book out called Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, and in that book is the allegation that Donald Trump had a “supercharged” golf cart to help him cheat. Oh boy.

According to Rick Reilly’s book, Trump had a “supercharged” golf cart that was “rigged to go twice as fast as the rest.” He also backs this up with anecdotes from people who’ve played golf with Trump, and confirm that he has a specific golf cart, that he uses to tear arse around the golf course in so he can get to his ball before anyone else, possibly to pull some shenanigans (emphasis mine):

“Whenever I’ve caddied in Trump’s group,” says Greg Puga, an elite Los Angeles amateur and caddy, who has Trump in his group plenty, “he always gets his own cart. He makes sure to hit first off every tee box and then jumps in the cart, so he’s halfway down the fairway before the other three are done driving. That way he can get up there quick and mess with his ball.”

Now, I don’t think we should be taking Reilly’s word “supercharged” literally about the golf cart. Even if we are talking about combustion-engined golf carts, I don’t think Trump pulled a blower off of a junked Thunderbird SC and installed it on his EZ-Go.

What I do think is possible is that perhaps Trump’s chosen carts had their speed governors disabled. To keep things safe and the greens intact, most golf carts have their speed governed. Disabling the speed governor on a golf cart really isn’t that big a deal, as you can see in this YouTube video here:

We also do know that the Secret Service has requested faster golf carts to keep up with Trump when he’s at one of his golf courses in Florida. Standard golf carts can hit 23km/h, but the Secret Service has requested that their carts can make 31km/h, the maximum speed possible before it’s legally and officially a motor vehicle, and then subject to all those laws and regulations.

The Secret Service actually wants as many as 48 of these faster carts, for use on a month-to-month basis until May 31 of this year. As of last September, golf cart rentals for Trump’s golf trips at his own U.S.-based golf clubs have cost $US300,675 ($422,435) of taxpayer money, because at Trump’s clubs the Secret Service is required to rent those golf carts from Trump himself, thus enriching a president at taxpayer expense, but that’s another story for another time.

For that kind of money, I sure as hell hope we all get one that can haul arse.