IKEA's Product Catalogue Is Now An ASMR Podcast


Today IKEA launched a sleep podcast that features Swedish people listing the name of IKEA products.

Yes, really.

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IKEA Australia has just announced the Australia's first furniture take-back service, where customers can return unwanted IKEA items and be paid back in store vouchers. This incentive has been introduced by the company as part of its aim to become a 100% circular economy company by 2030.

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Aptly titled The IKEA Sleep Podcast, its designed to help relax listeners and help them get the most out of their sleep.

The pod is hosted by two Swedish IKEA Australia workers who have worked for the company for 28 and 13 years, respectively. Two of their daughters also work at IKEA and their son has worked at the company previously. IKEA 4 lyf.

The first episode begins with the male host encouraging you to make your bedroom an oasis of tranquility. Frankly, I was into it. He then provides some explanations regarding IKEA product names - such as the Norwegian places some of the bedroom furniture is named after, and how the textiles are named after various types of flora.

This is followed by a straight reading of the names themselves, followed by a description of what they are. The whole thing is accompanied by soft piano music.

NESTUUN... queen bed frame

FILODENDRON... quilt cover set

KALKGRUND... toothbrush holder

Thanks, I love it.

So if you're down with getting a sweet ASMR hit that is delivered via the dulcet tones of a Swedish accent, this may be your jam.

You can let it gently stroke your aural senses right here or over on Spotify

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