If You Go To Vegas You Can Bet On Some Out-There Game Of Thrones Guesses

Arya, in her own face. (Image: HBO)

Ah, Vegas. The place to go if you want to bet on your favourite sports game or favourite murder-happy TV show.

Variety has a report on the gambling scene that has popped up around the final season of Game of Thrones, including the current Vegas odds for a wide variety of outcomes, from the predictable to the, uh, less predictable.

For normal bets, we have questions about who will die next (odds are on Euron Greyjoy, better be careful, my dude) and who will sit on the Iron Throne (most people’s money is on Jon, which is reasonable enough.)

But some other bets are a good deal more odd, especially for anyone not caught up on the show’s lore, such as the question of who will win between the Hound and the Mountain, a competition delightfully called Cleganebowl, or how many living people will Arya kill, a sum for some reason set at either above or below 3.5. I’m not even going to ask about that .5.

My favourite, though, is: Will Arya wear Littlefinger’s face? Yes, I know, face magic and all that. But it’s still a delightful question to see in a list of odds. (For what it’s worth, odds are in that particular face’s favour.)

Game of Thrones airs on Showcase on Mondays.

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