How To Watch Game Of Thrones For Free In Australia (Legally)

Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

After two years we got here. The final season of Game of Thrones will begin in a few short hours.

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Here's how you can watch it for free in Australia without breaking the law.


'GTFO' Image: HBO / Game of Thrones

The answer lies in Foxtel Now - Foxtel's on-demand streaming service. If you're a new customer you can sign up for a 10-day trial for free.

So if you were to do that today you would get to watch the first two episodes of season 8 at no cost.

The downside is that you'd need to start paying after that... unless you can bear a bit of a wait.

If you really want do this thing on the cheap, you could hold off watching any of the new season until 10 days before the series finale, which airs on May 20. You could then binge the entire season during the period that the trial is on for.

Of course, that's an extreme measure and would mean having to avoid spoilers for a few months.


'Please don't do this!' Image: HBo / Game of Thrones

There is another cheap option, though it will cost a little bit of coin.

With Foxtel Now's cheapest package you can stream to two devices at the same time. To access Game of Thrones, all you need to do is buy an Essentials Pack, which is $25 a month. But if you were split the difference with a mate, that brings it down to $12.50 a month each.

Since the final season of the show only has six episodes, you only need to sign up for two months. So if you go down this path, it will only cost you $25 to watch the whole thing. It's not free, but it ain't bad either.

Happy Thrones day, and keep your eyes peeled for our episode one recap later today!

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres on Foxtel Now at 11am AEST on April 15. The encore will go live at 8:30pm AEST

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