How To Use Google Assistant’s New Health Insurance App

How To Use Google Assistant’s New Health Insurance App

Health insurance. What is it? What does it want from me? Do I need to make a phone call to get it? If so, I’m out.

Fear not, this Google Assistant API will save you.

This article is brought to you by frank Health Insurance. They’ve launched Australia’s first voice app for the private health category, built using the Google Assistant API. It provides easy answers to the complicated health cover questions that plague the industry.

I’m sorry to my fellow millennials, but we’re guilty of not knowing enough about health insurance. You might feel as though you have youth on your side, that you’re invincible.

Actively staying on top of your health can actually keep you feeling that way. Now, there’s a way to look after yourself without making it overly complicated.

Frank health insurance has launched an integrated voice app so you can ask your confusing questions without feeling embarrassed.

Simply launch your Google Assistant (yes, it works on iOS too) and say “I want to speak with frank Insurance”.

That’s it – you’re on.

What should I ask?

We’ve asked the best questions and given you a snapshot of the answers to get you going. These aren’t the whole answers, but they give you an idea.

Q: Do I need health insurance?

A: You’re asking a health insurance provider, you didn’t think we’d say no, did you? Okay, it gets a little sassy here and fair enough. But Frank (as I’ve logically named my chatbot) goes on to talk about unexpected health issues.

Q: I need a dentist. Where can I go?

A: You’re free to see any registered provider you like so long as you don’t work with them and aren’t related to them.

Q: Why choose frank?

A: We’re on a mission to make health insurance easy and keep everything up front. We also provide a range of benefits to our members as well as special deals for people with extras cover.

Q: Tell me a joke!

A: I know a good optometrist when I see one.

A secret trove of dad jokes is stashed away in this one.

Here’s some other top-notch questions:

  • What are extras?
  • What is the Lifetime Health Cover loading?
  • What is the Medicare Levy?
  • What is eligible private health cover?
  • What is your basic cover?

ImageThe app will prompt you with some questions if you run out.

“Ah it’s on the tip of my tongue”

While the frank is still in beta version at the moment, it is learning which questions people want to know and the different ways they’re asking them. So, get asking.

Also, we want more jokes please.