Every Huawei P30 Pro Plan From Telstra, Optus And Vodafone.

Every Huawei P30 Pro Plan From Telstra, Optus And Vodafone.
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A couple of weeks back Huawei’s P30 series launched in Paris.

Packed with a stunning camera, as well as an epic two day battery life, the Pro in particular has already set itself up to be a contender for the best smart phone of the year.

It didn’t take long for the telcos to start dropping their plans for Huawei’s new flagship, and we have them all right here.

We have them all right here.


If you’re looking to get a Telstra plan, you’ll only be able to get a P30 Pro as the telco has decided against carrying its entry-level sibling.

As always, Telstra is going to cost extra, but it does come with the best coverage in the country.

Our pick here is the $119 a month plan that comes with a massive 50GB of data inclusion. It’s only $5 a month than the $114 plan, but comes with an extra 30GB. Definitely worth the extra coin.


Optus is interesting in that its only telco offering the P30 series with dual SIM capabilities.

This can be useful for overseas travel, or if you want one for work and another for personal use.

Similar to Telstra, the our pick of the Pro bunch is the 50GB option which will set you back $95 a month.


Vodafone actually isn’t the cheapest of the bunch here, however its the only big three telco to have a 12 month contact option.

Still, the 50GB plan continues to be the best value here for the Pro at $111.62 per month.

The author traveled to Paris as a guest of Huawei