Dig Deep Into Game Of Thrones’ ‘Long Night’ With This 40-Minute Behind The Scenes Video

Dig Deep Into Game Of Thrones’ ‘Long Night’ With This 40-Minute Behind The Scenes Video

Leading up to this final season of Game of Thrones, we heard so much about one huge battle—a battle that was going to be the biggest ever shown on TV, featuring practically every character you love from the show, filmed over multiple months.

Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 Recap: The Long Night

Hoo boy, it’s the big one. Strap in folks, because not only is this the biggest ever battle scene in the history of television, but it’s also the biggest episode of Game of Thrones ever at a whopping 82 minutes long. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready with my waterproof mascara for the inevitable feels when EVERYONE I LOVE PROBABLY DIES GRUESOMELY AND MY HEART SHATTERS.

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That battle finally arrived last night, slightly dark affair that still has everyone buzzing.

Now, you may be wondering, what was making that insanity like? HBO has been kind enough to answer that question with a 40-minute documentary focused entirely on this one episode; it goes beat by beat through all the huge moments in terms of visual effects, character motivations, and so much more. It’s really good but super spoilery, so only watch this if you’ve seen the episode.

Here’s the video.

Frankly, despite all the incredible visual effects and gruelling hours the actors put into this epic episode, one of the best parts of this video is simply seeing everything in a different light, literally. Much of the footage is so much clearer than it was on TV because it’s from the set and not colour corrected or anything yet.

What was your favourite piece of information revealed above? Or, you can just say “Seeing Emilia Clarke geek out while talking about Arya killing the Night King.” That’s also acceptable.

The Internet Reacts To The Battle Of Winterfell

Yesterday the world bore witness to the most expensive episode of television ever made. Well, the parts you could see, anyway. A hell of a lot happened and you better believe that the internet was rife with opinions and hot takes.

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