Aussie Finds Way To Get Free McDonald's Burgers

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In perhaps one of the most Australian things to ever happen, some blokes have worked out how to get free Macca's hamburgers.

The trick involves exploiting a bug in McDonald's self-ordering system that makes $1 hamburgers drop down to -$0.10.

Those who have successfully tried this are doing it by adding the hamburger to an order and then customising it to remove the meat patty. This subsequently drops the price down.

The posts have appeared in the r/australia subreddit and include video of the perpetrators pulling off the scam.

For anyone wondering what the point of a patty-less Macca's burger is, one Redditor took things a step further.

As you can see in the below video, this bloke and his mates added ten $1 hamburgers to their order and customised all of them with the above hack, which brought the total to -$1.

They then added a separate $1 hamburger to the order (without customising), which brought the total up to $0.00. Boom, free burger.

A couple of friends and I found out a way to get free food from Maccas, probably don't have long before they patch it so go nuts from r/australia

If you go to Maccas and order a hamburger with nothing in it you gain 10c from r/australia

At the time of writing it was too early to test this for ourselves. We tried and were met with restrictive breakfast menu options. The hamburger also isn't available on the 'Everyday Menu'.

It's likely that this bug will be patched quickly. But while it's tempting to score a free meal courtesy of Big Ronald - not every store is company owned.

You could be ripping off a regular franchisee for the sake of a burger and a bit of a laugh.

We've reached out to McDonald's for comment and will report back if a response is received.

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