A Heart Transplant Comes With A Supernatural Cost In The Disconcerting First Trailer For Chambers

A literal change of heart brings a new terror with it in Chambers. (Image: Netflix)

The concept of an organ transplant bringing spooky shenanigans with it is not entirely a new one, but still — this trailer for Chambers might have you putting a hand on your chest, just to be sure.

Netflix released the first look at Chambers’ first season, set to launch on the service later this month. Showrun by Leah Rachel, Chambers follows a young heart attack survivor (Sivan Alyra Rose) as she chases down the mysterious causes behind the death of the donor who saved her life...uncovering that things may not be as they all seem.

(Be warned: while not super gory, there’s a few moments in this trailer that aren’t necessarily for the faint-hearted. Or even the “help I got a creepy supernatural heart transplant and it’s driving me insane”-hearted, honestly.)

Also starring Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn as the seemingly sinister parents of the donor patient—who are into some messed up lookin’ stuffChambers hits Netflix on April 26.

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