You Have Until 8pm To Enroll To Vote (Or Update Your Details)

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Last week Australia's federal election was finally called.

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The big day will be May 18. This is important because it means that it won't just be European politics encroaching on Eurovision weekend this year.

If you're someone who needs to enroll to vote and update your enrollment details, you don't have long to do it.

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As per a tweet from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) last week morning, close of rolls will be 8pm on Thursday April 18. That's tonight. The AEC also confirmed that this deadline based on local time in every Australian timezone.

So you've got a mere week to get your house in order, so to speak.

You can change your address online here and update your name here.

If you need to enroll to vote, you can do so here.

With only five weeks to go until the election, our stomachs are ready for those democracy sausages.

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