YouPorn’s Sexy Lingo Teaches You To Flirt In World Languages

YouPorn’s Sexy Lingo Teaches You To Flirt In World Languages

If you’ve been meaning to learn a language but haven’t quite found the right incentive, YouPorn is here for you.

They’ve just launched Sexy Lingo, a kind of DuoLingo for horny people, in which you learn “the basics,” “starting a conversation,” “flirting,” and “closing the deal” (grim) in four world languages.

You have the choice of French, English, Portuguese and Spanish, and the app isn’t biased towards hetero relationships, which is nice — it’ll teach you any and all pronouns for both you and your intended new friend.

Pronouns, and indeed nouns, are part of “the basics.” Then you move on to adjectives, locations, telling the time and so on, so you can set up your dates. From there, you learn to say sweet nothings in your target language, and then the last bit is about sex and consent.

Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn comments:

“Communicating in another language, especially in a foreign country, can be difficult for many. From understanding the proper use of nouns to establishing consent, misreading signs and saying a phrase that may come off as offensive are all problems men and women face.

Through the step-by-step lessons, Sexy Lingo eliminates the language barrier and will give men and women an equal opportunity to level the playing field amongst native speakers.”

It’s a bit weird how he keeps specifying “men and women” (just say “people,” jeez) but OK.

Sexy Lingo is free and available now. Buena suerte con tu búsqueda noble.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.