You Only Have 2 Days To Grab The Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre-Order Deal (And We Have The Plans Right Here)

You Only Have 2 Days To Grab The Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre-Order Deal (And We Have The Plans Right Here)
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 range launches on March 8 – which isless than two days away.

While you’ll be able to get one in your grabby-hands at launch, not everyone is up for buying outright. And there’s at least one reason to not only consider a plan, but to pre-order with one: a free set of Galaxy Buds.

The Galaxy Buds Are Samsung's Attempt To One Up The AirPods

At this point, it’s practically impossible to go outside without seeing white, Q-tip-looking earbuds sticking out of people’s heads, and with sales of Apple AirPods expected to rise to between 50 and 55 million this year, that phenomenon probably won’t go away anytime soon.

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All major telcos have jumped onboard this global deal – if you pre-order a Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ before midnight on March 7, you get a free pair of buds which are worth $249. Not bad.

So you don’t have to go opening a bunch of new tabs, we have all of the telco deals right here for you. Alternatively, we have also broken down some of the best S10 plans right here

Telstra S10e 128GB

Telstra S10e 128GB Lease

Telstra S10 128GB

Telstra S10 128GB lease

Telstra S10 512GB

Telstra S10 512GB lease

Telstra S10+ 128GB

Telstra S10+ 128GB lease

Telstra S10+ 512GB

Telstra S10+ 512GB lease

Optus S10e 128GB

Optus S10e 128GB Lease

Optus S10 128GB

Optus S10 128GB lease

Optus S10 512GB

Optus S10 512GB lease

Optus S10+ 128GB

Optus S10+ 128GB lease

Optus S10+ 512GB

Optus S10+ 512GB lease

Vodafone S10e 128GB 24-month

Vodafone S10 128GB 24-month

Vodafone S10 512GB 24-month

Vodafone S10+ 128GB 24-month

Vodafone S10+ 512GB 24-month

Note: The Vodafone widgets exclude the telco’s loyalty discount, which you may be eligible for!

Woolworths S10e 128GB 24-month

Woolworths S10 128GB 24-month

Woolworths S10 512GB 24-month

Woolworths S10+ 128GB 24-month

Woolworths S10+ 512GB 24-month

It’s important to note that Vodafone also has 12-month and 36-month options, which you can view on its website. Woolworth will also be offering a 36-month options.

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plans In Australia

Choosing a new phone plan can be a pain in the butt, even when you know exactly which model you're after. Nobody wants to go to every telco site and open 400 tabs for the sake of comparisons. That's why we've pulled together the best Samsung Galaxy S10 plans that were announced today. You're welcome.

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