This Dark Phoenix Trailer Is Light Years Better Than The Last One

This Dark Phoenix Trailer Is Light Years Better Than The Last One

I didn’t love the last trailer for Dark Phoenix. It seemed busy for the sake of being busy. Shocking for the sake of being shocking. And it assumed everyone watching already knew what Jean Grey was about to go through when given this sinister new power.

For me, it just didn’t work. If Fox had released this trailer, though, I would have been singing its praises. So now I’ll do just that.

A new, international trailer for the upcoming X-Men film is online, and besides having a ton of new footage, it’s much more focused and clearer than the recent U.S. trailer, making the film actually look…really damn good.

That’s just eons better than the other trailer, right? By starting with Jean as a child, then going into the Phoenix origin, the whole trailer just has a totally different feel. We see Mystique as a leader, so her storyline (not a spoiler, the director wants you to know) is given more emotion. Scott gets a few moments to brood. We clearly understand how Jean Grey got these mysterious powers, why it’s shocking that she’s changed, and why the movie has a space element. The Fire Bird is in there. And then Jessica Chastain’s villain makes sense as someone who understands what Jean has inside her. It gives me renewed hope for a movie that has famously been flying under the radar due to delays and whatnot.

Dark Phoenix opens June 6.