The First Two Twilight Zone Episodes Get Trailers That Prepare Us For The Madness

What’s on the wing, Adam Scott? (Photo: CBS All Access)

In just a week, Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone will be here. The show’s first two episodes debut on CBS All Access April 1, and both now have stunning trailers giving us a taste of what to expect when that happens.

First up is the trailer for Nightmare at 9,144.00m, starring Adam Scott.

And here’s the trailer for The Comedian, starring Kumail Nanjiani and Tracy Morgan.

Those both look awesome and, thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to see them in full. They’re the first two episodes of the show which will premiere on CBS All Access April 1, followed by a new episode each week beginning April 11. Read much, much more about the show below.

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