The Edge Of Tomorrow Sequel Is Finally, Officially Moving Forward (Again)

It’s very fitting, for the sequel to this time-twisting killer loop of a story, that a lot of this news already sounds like something we’ve heard before. But good news nonetheless! The long-wished-for-sequel to Edge of Tomorrow is taking some steps forward after over a year of radio silence.

2014 hit based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need Is Kill. According to Deadline, although no one is officially on board without seeing a script, the intent is to bring back Liman to direct and for both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to reprise their roles from the first film.

That’s pretty much exactly what we heard in 2016, except it was just Cruise and Linman on board to return, and then again what we heard in 2017, alongside the confirmation that Emily Blunt would be back too, and that the sequel would potentially be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat. But at least this time, just like in the time loop in the movie, it’s a familiar story with a slight twist in that some progress is actually happening. Hopefully we won’t have to hear all of this over again in 2020, and from here on in the sequel just gets going.