Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom Movie Has A Script, But Its Future Is Uncertain Thanks To Marvel

Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom Movie Has A Script, But Its Future Is Uncertain Thanks To Marvel

The future of Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom movie was immediately thrown into question the moment news broke that Disney had designs on purchasing 20th Century Fox in order to regain the cinematic rights to a number of Marvel characters, like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. A

t some point, it’s likely that all of those characters will become part of the MCU, but what’s unclear is whether the studio’s interested in carrying over any of Fox’s movies, like Gambit and Kitty Pryde, that were planned, but not yet in development.

Hawley recently explained to Deadline that the same is true of his Doctor Doom project, which he’s completed the script for. He described the film as something of a “Cold War-era, geopolitical” thriller focusing on the isolationist country of Latveria finally opening its doors to the outside world in order for Victor Von Doom to begin making a global name for himself and his country.

The state leader would do this, Hawley explained, by inviting one journalist to visit Latveria in order to get the scoop of a lifetime.

According to Hawley, he’s spoken with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige about whether he’s still working on Doctor Doom, and Hawley’s offered to let Feige see his script, but as of now, no further conversations have been had about the movie.

As a character, Doctor Doom’s in a bit of an interesting position, because while he’s a frequent foe to the Fantastic Four, there’s no specific reason as to why he has to be introduced alongside them in his next cinematic appearance.

Given how critically panned Fox’s last Fantastic Four movie was, it’s likely Marvel has no intentions of continuing on with that telling of their story, and would want to start over with fresh takes on those characters — which could very well include Hawley’s vision for Doom if and when the movie ever gets made.