LEGO Trolls Phone Manufacturers With Its Own Foldable

Image: Twitter

Between Unpacked and MWC, the past few weeks have been all about foldable phones. Even Energizer debuted one.

Now LEGO is entering the arena with its own entry, sort of. The 'Lego Fold'.

The device is described as having a 5-inch cover display and an 11-inch pop up 'screen'. Both of these specs just beat out the Samsung's foldable, which comes in a 4.6-inches and 7.3-inches, respectively. Oof.

It's not actually a phone of course, but it's pretty funny way of riding the coat tails of foldable device news. Eespecially when it so clearly rips the shit out of Samsung's marketing around the Galaxy Fold.

You have to respect this level of shade.

Despite the stick up, this product is actually real. LEGO's Once Upon A Brick isn't so much a phone as it is a pop-up storybook that retails for $110.

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