Google Pixel 4XL Leaks, Minus the Massive Notch

Google Pixel 4XL Leaks, Minus the Massive Notch

A purported image of the Google Pixel 4XL has leaked, and it doesn’t have the great big robot-face-looking notch of the Pixel 3XL.

The image comes from Slashleaks, and doesn’t give us much: it’s just a schematic drawing of the front and back of the phone. That said, we can work out some interesting tidbits about the upcoming phone based on the drawing:

For instance, we can see two sensors on the front, which means either a dual selfie camera or a second sensor for something like time-of-flight, for 3D capabilities. Alternatively, it might just be a dual-tone flash or similar.

We can also see the front is almost entirely screen, with the pill-shaped cutout for the cameras the only intrusion. The huge notch and bezels of Pixels past are gone:

On the back, there’s no sign of the usual Pixel fingerprint pad, which means it’s likely under the screen as with many current phones. We can see a large camera enclosure, possibly for a dual or treble camera array, and a flash or sensor beside it.

The back also seems to have an inlaid panel which is presumably the latest iteration of Google’s two-tone back designs. What’s this year’s colour going to be? Not Green? Just Grey? Kinda Orange?

We’ve got a long wait to find out yet – the launch will likely be in October, which has become Google’s traditional slot for hardware launch events. There’s just the small issue of the Summer of Brexit to get through before then. Sigh.