Deals: 40GB Phone Plan For $4.99

Deals: 40GB Phone Plan For $4.99
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If you’re looking for a cheap pre-paid phone plan with heaps of data, look no further.

Catch Connect has some ridiculously well priced phone plans for new customers who are bringing their own phones to the party. The standout being $4.99 for 40GB for the first month.

This plan is usually $49.90 per 30-day recharge, which is still quite good considering how much data your getting and the fact that the network is powered by Optus.

Also, this plan isn’t contracted, so you can always cancel before the recharge if you want.

The telco is also offering a $15 90-day recharge option that comes with 54GB. This goes up to $89 per 90-day recharge thereafter.

Again, you can always choose to cancel before the price gets bumped up.