Australian Eggs Recalled Less Than A Week After #EggBoy

Australian Eggs Recalled Less Than A Week After #EggBoy
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Yesterday several eggs brands were recalled after suspicion of a salmonella contamination at a Victorian farm. This recall occurred a mere five days after Australia’s new hero of the people, Egg Boy, sconned racist senator Fraser Anning in the head.

This timing seems mighty convenient to Gizmodo Australia. Is this an eggspiracy campaign being driven by the far right to besmirch the good name of eggs everywhere?

It’s not, but the timing is a little amusing.

The Internet Reacts To #EggBoy

Over the weekend Australia fell in love with a young lad who has been dubbed Egg Boy. The seventeen-year-old, whose real name is Will Connolly, egged racist senator Fraser Anning after he blamed Friday's terrorist attack in New Zealand on Muslim immigration. The grown man reciprocated by punching the teen twice, before the latter was tackled and put in a choke hold by several other adult men. Unsurprisingly, the internet is predominantly standing its new hero.

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The specific egg brands that have been impacted by the recall include Woolworths 12 Cage Free Eggs, 600-gram Loddon Valley Barn Laid Eggs and some brands of Victorian Fresh Barn Laid Eggs.

The eggs in question come from Bridgewater Poultry in Victoria. Biosecurity measures have been enacted to protect nearby farms.

According to the ABC the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services found that there were five cases of salmonella enteritidis that could be linked to the eggs, hence the recall.

This particular strain of salmonella infects the egg ahead of shell formation, which increases risk of infection if they aren’t cooked.

Symptoms can include diarrhoea, abdominal pain, vomiting, headaches and fever. They can appear between six and seventy-two hours after eating.

Health officials recommend that if you have any of these brand of eggs you either returns them or throw them out. It’s also important to not feed these them to animals.

The facts of this very real public health concern all check out, I guess. But I’ll still low key have my tin foil hat waiting just in case.