A New Spider-Verse Deleted Scene Serves Up Some Gourmet Spider-Man

Spider-Ham’s whereabouts during the invasion of Kingpin’s lair are revealed in a hilarious new deleted scene. (Image: Sony Animation)

New content from the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is addictive. We kind of just want it injected into our eyeballs. Thankfully, the film is now on digital download so we can do just that—but, if you haven’t plopped down the cash yet, another of the film’s deleted scenes just came online.

Not only is the scene hilarious, it also answers a few questions, such as where was Spider-Ham in this scene and how did the bad guys know the Spiders were coming? Now, we know.

Nick Kondo, one of the animators on the film, retweeted the following.

The real sin of this scene being deleted isn’t that if fills in a tiny plot hole. Nor is it the fun interactions. It’s that “liver, hard cheese, barleyduke sandwiches” didn’t become an iconic line, which it absolutely would have, had it been left in the movie.

Also, I had to look this up, but a “barleyduke sandwich” apparently isn’t actually that. According to the questionable accurate Yahoo Answers, it’s actually “Bar Le Duc,” and it’s made with cream cheese and jelly. Who knew? Besides Spider-Noir, of course.

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