This New Electric Hyper SUV Is Named The Kangeroo (And It's An Absolute Unit)

Image: Supplied

The Geneva Motor Show kicks off in early March, and we already know which shiny new vehicle we'll be looking out for.

GFG Style recently teased a 'Hyper SUV' which will also be an EV, because why not! Best of all - it's called Kangaroo.

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We don't know a whole lot about it yet, and even the image is extremely conceptual. However, we do know that it's a four-wheel drive with a top speed of 250km/h, and that it can go from zero to 100 in 3.5-seconds.

Interestingly, GFG Style is claiming that it will be able to hit those speeds both on and off-road.

It's also a two-seater, which I find to be weird and counter-intuitive for an SUV, but okay.

For anyone looking for the Aussie link, there doesn't seem to be much of one. Kangaroo was created by Italian designer Fabrizio Giugiaro and the car certainly hasn't set-paws on Australian soil. We're thinking that it may harken back to the colour, speed and all-terrain aspect of the vehicle. After all, Australia has a diverse and often rough landscape.

Despite the lack of details or real imagery, the Kangeroo will apparently be driveable right after being unveiled in Geneva. We'll let you know once we have more details.

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