This Music Video About Gender Identity Is ‘Winning’ 

This Music Video About Gender Identity Is ‘Winning’ 

It’s awesome being awesome, isn’t it?

This new song and music video from nerdy duo would be proud.

The Doubleclicks’ “I’m Winning” is an awesome tribute to gender identity. Directed by Laser Malena-Webber, the video stars a group of four non-binary heroes as they battle evil, fall in love, and have amazing adventures together. It definitely has a Steven Universe vibe, which I am very much into.

The music video features scenes from artists like Victoria Watkins, Annie Luu, Geo Barnett, and Dhurata Mehmetaj, among many others. They’ve also started sharing stats pages for the heroes—starting with Moon, the warrior.

“I’m Winning” will be featured on the Doubleclicks’ next album, The Book Was Better, which is currently nearing its fundraising goal on Kickstarter.