This Ad For Us Is The Scariest Theatre Standee I've Ever Seen

One expects to be scared when going to a theatre to see a scary movie. But one doesn’t expect that horror to be in the lobby.

Jordan Peele’s Us is not interested in those expectations, though, and fans have started spotting theatre standees in the wild that are, frankly, unnerving as hell. Here’s footage of them, courtesy of Twitter user @travisthegrimm (and with a hat tip to Bloody Disgusting.)

Oh, that’s creepy. I’m just imagining walking past that, not paying much attention, only to find that it had changed when I glanced back. Maybe you, dear reader, aren’t that susceptible to changing standee images, but I am. And as part of the marketing rollout for Us, a creepy followup to Get Out about menacing doppelgangers, it absolutely works.

Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, will be out March 28.

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