There's A Subreddit Dedicated To 'Maps Without Tasmania'

Image: asterpin via Reddit

Ikea has been under scrutiny over the past few days for selling a world map that is missing New Zealand.

As it turns out, there's a small piece of Australia that also seems to get shafted on the reg. Tassie.

Not only has it been the butt of dumb jokes over the years, its often straight-up forgotten about in visual depictions of Australia. It happens enough that there's a whole Subreddit dedicated to the subject.

Spoiler alert: Pornhub is a repeat offender.

Not even pornhub recognises Tasmania as a legitimate state from MapsWithoutTasmania

Pornhub year in review - 2018 from MapsWithoutTasmania

Games are also guilty of the faux pas

In Smash Ultimate from MapsWithoutTasmania

Risk Legacy map variant from MapsWithoutTasmania

Also maps made in Australia

Happy Australia-apart-from-Tasmania Day! from MapsWithoutTasmania

New $100m war memorial leaves Tasmanian Diggers off the map from MapsWithoutTasmania

My School... from MapsWithoutTasmania

Even mother nature has it in for the island

A lightning strike in Australia is shaped as Australia - even nature forgets Tassie! from MapsWithoutTasmania

Sorry, Tasmania!

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