The New Trailer For Missing Link Promises A Goofy, Cute Road Trip For Humanity's Evolutionary Link

Susan experiences the marvel of boring train rides. (Image: Annapurna Pictures)

You’ve heard of Big Foots, Yetis, and Sasquatches. Susan.

The latest trailer for Laika’s follow up to Kubo and the Two Strings gives us a little more time with Zach Galifianakis’ mysterious creature, discovered by a daring adventurer Sir Lionel Frost (played by Hugh Jackman) as a potential step on the evolutionary chain between man and ape.

Turns out that the being — who goes by Susan — is really just lonely, and looking for someone who can help get them to the equally mysterious home of the Yeti, Shangri-La, in an attempt to unite with some evolutionary cousins.

It’s all set up for what’s looking like a very fun globetrotting adventure for Frost and Susan, which we also get to see a bunch of here, as the duo (joined by Zoe Saldana’s fellow adventurer, Adelina Fortnight) bond over... well, mainly a shared penchant for getting into slapstick physical comedy scenarios, of course. It all looks very cute, and sweet, but above all as a Laika movie it mainly just looks dang gorgeous.

We’ll see much more of those lush visuals when Missing Link hits theatres April 11.

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