The First Reactions To Captain Marvel Tease A Weird And Wonderful Origin Story

Carol homing in on that RT user review score. (Gif: Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios)

After years and years of waiting, Captain Marvel is nearly here—and we have our first impressions of the film thanks to early press screenings. Good news? It’s apparently pretty cool. Marvellous news? Expect something weird, fun, and with lots of Goose the Cat goodness.

The social media embargo was lifted on Captain Marvel last night, ahead of full reviews dropping closer to the film. Here’s a taste of just some of the reactions online, starting with our very own Charles Pulliam-Moore:

And then there’s perhaps the only reaction we really need, from Mashable’s Angie Han:

Watch yourself, Mad Titan.

Full reviews for Captain Marvel, including io9's, will be released soon. The movie flies into theatres on March 8.

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