Still No Wireless Charging on the OnePlus 7, It Sounds Like

Still No Wireless Charging on the OnePlus 7, It Sounds Like

OnePlus really doesn’t rate wireless charging.

Editor’ss Note: Yeah, you can’t get OnePlus devices here, but I know how much you love coveting them. You’re welcome – Tegan.

None of the company’s phones have featured it up to now, and it sounds like the OnePlus 7 will be no different, even though it’s not expected until June. Come on guys, even Apple is on the wireless charging bandwagon now!

Similarly to what he said with the OnePlus 6T, CEO Pete Lau told CNET at MWC that “wireless charging is far inferior” to the company’s fast-charging tech. Well yes, but it’s not a direct competitor, is it?

Wireless charging is not about speed, it’s about convenience. You plonk your phone on its nice wireless charging mat while you work or watch TV, and it tops itself up a bit. Or you put it on your wireless charging bedside table when you go to bed, and when you wake up, it’s full. Does it really matter that it wasn’t ready at 3am when you were asleep?

Nonetheless, OnePlus is sticking with its position. It has apparently been experimenting with fast wireless charging, but hasn’t yet worked out a method that doesn’t involve overheating.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers have not only managed fast (ish) wireless charging, but also reverse wireless, whereby phones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 can charge other phones and accessories like earpods.

What do you reckon of OnePlus’s reluctance to embrace the wireless charging revolution? Would you rather your OP phones had the option of wireless, or are you not bothered? Let us know in the comments. [Techradar]