Samsung Galaxy S10: All The Leaked Facts So Far [Updated]

Samsung Galaxy S10: All The Leaked Facts So Far [Updated]

Rumours and leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been swirling around since before the Note 9 launched. From the amount of cameras to dreaded side notches, there has been a whole lot of speculation, especially when it comes to the design.

Well, now we seem to have some actual facts.

Earlier today a whole heap of info about the S10 was revealed – including the specs, release date, sizes and UK pricing. Here are all the details.

A Possible Samsung Galaxy S10 Spec Sheet Has Leaked

We're a week out from Unpacked, where the Samsung Galaxy S10 range will be officially unveiled. But that hasn't stopped the leaks, which are juicy as ever. This time around an alleged spec sheet has appeared in the wild, and it looks pretty legit.

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Update February 20 2019: A television station in Norway accidentally aired a Galaxy S10 commercial early – whoops!

The 30-second spot showed off the rear triple camera setup, on-screen fingerprint scanner, wireless power sharing and The Hole.

It also revealed the new Samsung Galaxy Buds, which can be wirelessly charged by the S10 because of the power sharing functionality.

You can watch the commercial and read more here.

Norway Accidentally Airs Samsung Galaxy S10 Commercial Early

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S10 leak. This time the culprit isn't a renowned leaker or a tech publication, but a Norwegian television station. A commercial has gone live early and revealed not only the upcoming flagship, but also the new Galaxy Buds.

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Update February 19 2019: A hands-on video of the S10 and S10+ from TechRadar has accidentally leaked online.

The video reveals a headphone jack, triple rear camera setup, and wireless power sharing for both devices.

Both phones also have the long-anticipated Hole on the front, which contains one front-facing camera on the S10 and two on the S10+.

The displays also confirm previous rumours of a 6.1-inch Super AMOLED for the S10 and 6.4-inch Super AMOLED for the S10+.

You can read more here.

Whoops, A Samsung Galaxy S10 Hands On Video Has Accidentally Appeared

We are mere days away from Unpacked, where the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be officially be revealed. But that hasn't stopped the figurative boat from leaking. An early hands-on video of the S10 and S10+ has just surfaced. It features from TechRadar's Matt Swider and seems to have accidentally made its way online early. Uh oh.

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Update January 11 2019: During CES 2019 Samsung confirmed the February 20 launch date, which will happen at a separate event to Mobile World Congress.

Galaxy Unpacked will be held in San Francisco On February 20, 2019 – five days before MWC.

It also appears that Samsung’s much-anticipated Foldable device will also be launched at the event. You can read more about this announcement here.


It’s been rumoured for awhile that there would be three versions of the S10, and apparently that’s correct.

We can expect a regular model of the device with a 6.1-inch display, the usual ‘Plus’ version with a 6.4-inch display as well as ‘Lite’ model which will have a smaller, flat 5.8-inch display.


Everyone can breath easy, because the corner notch isn’t happening.

According to a Gizmodo UK source, the Infinity O display (or The Hole) will be making an appeance. It’s an alternative to a notch and will house the front-facing camera.

We knew that this could be a possibility after the mid-range Galaxy A8s was revealed with one just last week, but now we know it’s definitely coming to the 2019 flagship, too.

Nothing has been confirmed about the rumoured six-camera setup, but we remain hopeful.

As expected, the Galaxy S10 will have an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanner that utilises ultrasound waves that can read the ridges of a finger in 3D.

This is different from optical fingerprint scanners that are found on most current phones, which scans your finger by bouncing light off it.

As for 5G, it won’t be available on the S10 at launch. However we do know that Samsung are working on 5G in the U.S. with its partnered telco Verizon.

A source told Gizmodo UK that 5G could arrive in “late Q2 at the earliest” but that timeline is unlikely to be relevant to Australia.

Uh-Oh, Samsung's 5G Prototype Phone Has A Corner Notch

Samsung phones have always been blessedly devoid of a notch. Until now.</p> <p>The company has just unveiled its 5G prototype at Qualcomm's Tech Summit in Hawaii. Not only is it sporting a notch - it lives in the right corner of the screen.</p> <p>Burn it.

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But what about down in the guts?

Not every spec detail has been leaked, but we do know about the storage.

The S10 Lite will come with only one storage option – 128GB. When it comes to the regular S10 – 128GB and 512GB storage options will be on the table.

Then there’s the big daddy Plus model, which not only has 128GB and 512GB options, but is coming in hard with 1TB as well.

There was no confirmation about the rumoured Exynos 9820 CPU for the S10, but it wouldn’t be surprsing.


While there isn’t any Aussie pricing yet (and there probably won’t be until the official announcement), the alleged UK prices are now out there.

The flat, 5.8-inch version of the S10 will be £669 ($1,107), with the 128GB and 512GB versions of the mid-range S10 coming in at £799 ($1,398) and £999 ($1,748), respectively.

As for the S10 Plus – yikes. The 128GB will be £899 ($1,573), the 512GB £1099 ($1,923) and the 1B a whopping £1399 ($2,448).

If the idea of dropping $2,500 on a phone is staggering to you (it’s even pricier than the 512GB iPhone XS Max), let’s not forget that this is just a direct currency conversion.

Once you throw GSt it could well be a whole lot more than that. 1TB is an exciting amount of storage, but at that price? Big oof.

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This is where it gets really interesting.

It was assumed that like the S9 before it, the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February next year.

Apparently not.

Following the trend of this year’s Note 9 and The Wall television launches, Samsung will apparently be holding another standalone Unpacked event to launch its new flagship. It will be on February 20, which is five days before MWC kicks off. It’s unclear where the event will be held, though.

The S10 is said to be available for pre-order from the 20th, with the release being scheduled for March 8.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 And Foldable Phone Launch Date

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While all of this news is incredibly exciting, it’s important to note that none of the details have been confirmed by Samsung as yet, nor are they likely to be. We don’t even know what the name will be yet. It could get called ‘Beyond’, which is how Samsung refer.

Regardless, the hype around this phone is real. It certainly sounds like it will have the features and specs worthy of a ten-year aniversary device. But it’s also going to have a fat price tag to match. Will it be worth it? We’ll let you know once we get our grabby-hands on it.

We’ll keep you abreast of any other facts or rumours we hear. And in the meantime, we’ll be holding tight until February.