Queensland Police Accidentally Drops Spicy C-Bomb

Queensland Police Accidentally Drops Spicy C-Bomb
Image: Getty

Earlier today the Queensland Police sent out a press release.

It was quite standard fare, really. In was in regards to a man who allegedly entered a chemist on Sunday night, stating that he had a bomb.

The original release contained a typo, which would be NBD if it wasn’t in the worst possible place…

What’s missing here is of course an ‘o’.

And if you read it quickly enough and have a brain that fills in the blanks like mine does, it almost seems like the Queensland Police are reporting on “one cunt of a bomb hoax”.

Of course, the ‘a’ isn’t actually there (thanks, brain) and the hilariously incorrect sentence just says, “one cunt of bomb hoax.”

Sadly, this was not an attempt by Australian police to connect with its demographic, nor some weird Queensland unit of measure.

A fresh presser was subsequently sent out with the correct spelling of ‘count’.

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