We Have NFI What The Secret Pringles Flavour Is (But Guessing It Is Worth $10K) [Updated]

Attention Pringles fans!

The slinger of delicious canned chips is bringing a new flavour to Australia. And it wants you guess what it is for cash money.

Updated: We just received these in the office and so far have no idea what it could be. But we have some guesses:

Dry ramen noodles, edamame, mirin, Brazilian BBQ, and soy sauce.

We don't usually write about competition publicity stunts, but when it comes to chips I don't mess about. I really want to bloody know what it is.

But apparently the secret is under tight wraps - not even the head office knows what it is.

Considering that this is an Australian competition, I'm wondering whether they're going to try and be lamely thematic. Remember those sausage sandwich and meat pie and sauce flavoured chips from Smith's?

If they're going down that route I'm hoping for 'crocodile' or 'cold battered sav'

The mystery flavour will be hitting the shelves on March 1 for $3.99 and clues about WTF it is will be released over three months on the Pringles Facebook page.

If you think you know what it is, you can send your guess in via the Pringles website before May 31. Alternatively, tell me so I can collect the $10K.

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