McLaren Spiders Have The Best Feature

McLaren Spiders Have The Best Feature

While on the McLaren 720S Spider drive last week, I was poking around in the cabin and noticed a little button nestled in the center console to the left of the button that electronically lowers and raises the roof. This, as it turns out, is the little button that controls the car’s powered rear window. Yes, you read that right: The 720S Spider has a powered rear window! This is extremely rad! Exclamation point!

I don’t know when most station wagons and SUVs stopped including power rear windows, but it’s really a design feature that needs to be brought back. The last time I came across one was on a Toyota 4Runner. A McLaren convertible was the last place I expected to find such a thing again.

Most rear windows on convertibles fold down with the roof. The McLaren’s is independent of its retractable hardtop, and you can raise and lower it regardless of the position of the roof. In fact, I think the only other modern convertible (that I know of) with a powered rear window is the Ferrari 488 Spider.

But that car, apparently, has limitations, according to Car and Driver:

A small glass rear window operates independently of the top and can be lowered to three separate positions to either let more exhaust sound in with the top up or, more usefully, to act as a wind blocker with the top down.

Three positions only? Fuck outta here with that noise. The 720S Spider’s window is like any normal window, meaning you can put it up or down to any position you want. I tested this myself. The possibilities are endless.

When the roof is closed and the window is open, McLaren says that it will let in more of the sound of the engine into the cabin, which is an end goal that we can all agree on. Also, if you like to take pictures or record video, that lowered window is probably very handy to shoot out of.

Here’s the button:

And here’s what happens when you push it:

Guys, this is just the best. You can open this window to air out the cabin without getting blasted in the face while at speed. You can stick your hand out of it. Wave a flag. Toss out a banana peel to trip up the competition.

I asked if this window was a new feature on the 720S Spider. A McLaren spokesperson responded, “It’s a feature we’ve had on our all Spiders since the 12C.”

Brilliant. Ace. Smashing. Let’s put powered rear windows on all the convertibles, SUVs and wagons in this world.