LG Officially Announces Next Flagship Phone

LG Officially Announces Next Flagship Phone

We’re still a few weeks away from Mobile World Congress, but the phone announcements are already starting.

LG just confirmed its new flagship, the G8 ThinQ.

The most interesting feature that we know about so far seems to be a challenge to Apple’s Face ID. It’s a Time-of-Light (ToL) sensor that can be found on the front facing camera.

The ToF sensor is able to capture infrared light that is reflected off the person it’s pointed at. It also sees objects in 3D and is unaffected by light from other external sources.

Although ToF is apparently at its best in ambient light, it apparently works well in multiple lighting scenarios.

Its reported accurate measurements and fast response time LG is employing it as its visual biometric authenticator in the G8. We’re looking forward to seeing how it measures up against Apple devices and even Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro from last year.

In addition to unlocking the device, this tech will also reportedly be used for AR and VR applications.

That’s all we know about the G8 so far, and there aren’t any images yet. But there have been rumours that the battery will be around 3,500 mAh and that the device may have a second screen and gesture control.

For definitive details on the G8 you’ll have to wait until MWC, unless some major leaks drop before then.