Hot Toys’ Ridiculous Level Of Detail Applies To Captain Marvel’s Cat, Too

Hot Toys’ Ridiculous Level Of Detail Applies To Captain Marvel’s Cat, Too

Usually, when it comes to Hot Toys action figures, we’re praising their petrifying ability to capture the likeness of Hollywood stars with uncanny accuracy. Now, it seems, that level of purrfection applies to cats, too.

Hot Toys revealed its 1/6th scale version of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers this week and, unsurprisingly, it looks pretty damn great.

The figure comes with both helmeted and unhelmeted heads for Carol — the former of which even comes with a swap-out fauxhawk that can light up to replicate Carol going Binary — and a whole bunch of energy effects to attach to her hands that show her in various states of arse-kickin’ and beam-blastin’.

Image: All images courtesy of Hot Toys

Image: All images courtesy of Hot Toys

Go higher, further and faster with these shots of the Hot Toys Captain Marvel in action.

Oh, and also, one of her alternate hands is just the shaka/hang 10 sign she’s been seen doing in her pilot days in the trailer. Which is incredibly silly but a lovely addition.

But as good as the “normal” version of Carol is, the real star of the show is the Deluxe Edition, which has all that, even more energy blast effects (look, she’s Captain Marvel, you know what she does? Blasts things for a living), a rad leather bomber jacket for Carol to wear… and best of all, Goose the cat.

Shaka brah. (Image: Hot Toys)

Seriously, this little maybe-not-even-a-cat has managed to steal the spotlight wherever it’s shown up, and the same applies here.

Just look at this action figure doing its very best Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine impression:

Don’t mess with Carol’s kitty. (Image: Hot Toys)

It’s so good!

Sadly, you’ll be waiting a while if you want one — the Hot Toys Captain Marvel is set to come out around this time next year. There’s no price yet either, but you can expect to pay a little more if you want the deluxe version that comes with Goose.

Whatever that extra price is, it’ll be worth it for Captain Meowvel’s breakout star.