Hey Queensland, You Can Have Emoji Number Plates Now ❤

Hey Queensland, You Can Have Emoji Number Plates Now ❤
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How do you do fellow kids? We have some lit news! You can now get some extremely extra number plates to help keep your ride on fleek.

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) will now be allowing emojis on their custom number plates. Big mood.

We know what you’re thinking, and no – you can’t fill an entire plate with suggestive vegetable emojis.

You can choose just one to have at the end of a a 5-character plate and they’re purely decorative. As such, they’re not included on a car’s rego number.

There is also restrictions on which emoji you can choose. At the present time only five faces are available – ‘smile’, ‘heart eyes’, ‘sunglasses’, ‘wink’ and ‘lol’.

This isn’t the first time that symbols have been included on license plates. Victoria allows AFL plates, as well as Batman and Superman symbols.

“For quite some time we’ve seen that you can support your favourite team or your favourite town with a symbol on your number plate,” Royal Automobile Club of Queensland spokesperson, Dr Rebecca Michael told 7News Brisbane.

“And using an emoji is no different.”

PPQ will be offering emoji plates from next month and they will cost between $160 and $500. Yep, vanity plates are still bloody expensive.