Gastro 1, Aussie Broadband 0

Gastro 1, Aussie Broadband 0
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If you’re an Aussie Broadband user who has noticed longer-than-usual queue times over the last day or so, there’s a reason.

The call centre has the shits. Literally.

The Inside Story Of Aussie Broadband's Anti-Racism Hold Message

We're all familiar with the automated messages that play on loop when you're stuck on call waiting. They tend to alternate between assurances of how important your time is to them, and information regarding where you can submit your query online and thus free up the queue. Last week my partner and I were sitting on hold with Aussie Broadband and experienced a message unlike any other we had before. It informed customers that racially-motivated abuse from customers was unacceptable.

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While responding to some displeased customers on social media today, Aussie Broadband admitted that the prolonged wait times were due to a bout of gastro that has befallen its call centre.

One customer cited a 60 minute wait with 10 callers ahead in the queue.

As they point out on Twitter, this issue is compounded by the company’s lack of call-back system. There’s no clear indication if and when one might be put into place.

The illness seems to have affected email responses as well.

Being a small company with its call centre in regional Victoria, a poop tornado clearly has the ability to impact significantly on the staff and have trickle down effect (I’m sorry) to customers.

While it’s probably a pain in the arse (okay I’ll stop) you gotta admire the honesty here.

We hope y’all feel better soon!